System Design

Electronics Hardware

Optimization. It's the way we think. Our team strives to get every last drop of performance by bringing a deep level of expertise in amplifiers, power supply, and RF design.


With expertise in thermal design, electronics packaging, and resonance deadening structural design, our team continues to innovate and create beautiful systems.


We use best practices to ensure fast response times to your requirements. With scalable platforms that reduce time-to-market, customers have full visibility every step of the way.


You name the plan and we can execute it. Our ISO17025 certified lab sets the stage for best-in-class quality for any application.


Our engineers are involved from start to finish. The goal is for every design to pass EMC, and a safety certification in a single spin.

Acoustic Modeling

Our acoustic experts leverage LEAP, LSPCAD, Pspice and Ansys to ensure your system will exceed expectations before any chips fly.

Driver Design

Motor Design

Doing more with less is our passion, it's why our engineers use Magnet and FEMM to intelligently design every motor to get the best performance while keeping costs low.

Anechoic Chambers

With three full-space and one half-space chamber, our engineers have the right tools to accurately measure drivers, even across different facilities.

Klippel System

Klippel is not just another bullet point for us, we use our system for non-linear, thermal and laser vibrometer characterization of every driver design.


Electronics Assembly

From our 22 SMT lines to our in-house designed and built ICT testers, we have the expertise to build the most complex consumer electronics reliably and efficiently.

Driver Production

With nine continuous flow lines producing a variety of driver sizes, our team leverages SPC glue- dispensing and FIFO inventory management for all adhesives. We build the most consistent drivers from start to finish.

Cabinetry Production

We aim to make your products sound and look equally great. From double-injection plastics to high-gloss UV-cured piano finished curved wood cabinets, we've got you covered.


Smart automation is what we deploy. If it is labor reduction or critical process control, our 100+ automation engineers drive cost reduction and consistency in our manufacturing environment.

Final Assembly

Our balanced final assembly lines are optimized for efficiency with the right tools and the right people to make sure only the best products leave our lines.

Production Testing

We aim to make your products sound and look equally great. From in-house ICT development to 100% audio precision at every assembly point, we ensure every unit exceeds the performance standard before it leaves.

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