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What good is a vision without the expertise to make the vision a reality? At Tymphany, our leaders have been in the trenches developing products, managing operations, and putting their experience to use to bring you world-class customer service and audio products that consistently set new standards of performance.

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Ampere PanChief Technology Officer

Ampere’s background in the audio industry and business development spans over 48 years. Prior to Tymphany, Ampere worked 6 years as system development supervisor in an international telecom company, 6 years as CEO of Princeton Electronics, and most recently has included 27 years as co-founder and CTO of Primax.  Prior to joining Tymphany,  Ampere built the Primax R&D team from the ground up, which now includes 1,000+ engineers, and grew the company’s technology development to include territories such as home and office automation equipment, camera modules, connected audio devices and IoT devices. With Ampere’s broad expertise, he has successfully been leading Tymphany in factory automation technology, while upgrading the manufacturing capabilities and targeting to become a high productivity Smart Factory in the new era of Industry 4.0.

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Jonathan HsuChief Financial Officer

Jonathan brings over 26 years of his finance and accounting career as Tymphany’s CFO. Prior to Tymphany, Jonathan worked at multiple Taiwanese manufacturing companies and several multi-national electronics companies. Most recently, Jonathan was in charge of finance and accounting for Foxconn Group for over 12 years. Jonathan has an MBA from Taiwan National Cheng-Chi University and an MBA from George Washington University in the U.S..

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XT LiuBusiness Development Director, China

XT serves as Business Development Director for the China market. He brings with him broad manufacturing experience and a great understanding of Chinese and Western business practices, and maximizing efficiency in a multicultural work environment. XT has extensive experience in both the development and manufacturing of loudspeakers. Having worked for 10 years in Malaysia and 13 years in China, he is fluent in English and has interfaced directly with English speaking customers for 24 years. His broad experience across production and engineering gives him a great ability to run quality manufacturing operations in a multicultural work environment. XT holds a bachelor’s degree of Marine Physics (Underwater Acoustic Technology) from Xiamen University.

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Phil McPheeVice President, Global Business Development and European Business Unit Head

Phil has 11 years of experience within the audio industry, having held engineering, marketing, and sales management positions at Harman International. He received two patents while working on electronics packaging and thermal design for professional and consumer audio amplifiers, and as an expatriate, he led Harman Professional’s effort to develop a product marketing team in China focused on creating products that best serve the China market. Phil also leads the global sales and marketing teams at Tymphany. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from Indiana University.

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Stanley WuHead of Systems Business Unit

Stanley has been in consumer electronic industry for 15 years and is tasked with bringing a premium loudspeaker experience to home and mobile users while technology is pushing away from physical forms and moving towards cloud and mobility formats. Prior to joining Tymphany in January 2014 to lead the system business unit, Stanley had worked for Primax Electronics for over 12 years, holding different positions from controller, product line head, and business unit head. Before working for Primax, Stanley was a senior financial analyst at Hewlett Packard.

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Chris von HellermannSenior Director of Technology Management

Chris brings over 23 years of experience and leadership to the research, design, development, and manufacturing of our consumer and professional loudspeaker systems, and is currently responsible for technology research and implementation and product roadmap development. Prior to Tymphany, Chris successfully grew a Chinese-based engineering group from over 45 people to over 204 people in just five years. Experience leading multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams is invaluable to his leadership at Tymphany, where he continues to incorporate leading edge technologies and leverage his background in new product introductions.

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George BullimoreHead of Transducer Business Unit

George is the Head of Tymphany’s Transducer Business Unit and is based in XinXu, China. He has an extensive knowledge of manufacturing, research and development, and a deep understanding of design prototyping and manufacturing of high end transducers ranging from tweeters to subwoofers. Prior to joining Tymphany, George spent time as a Senior Transducer Engineer for Harman/Becker’s Automotive division and Panasonic OEM Automotive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Audio Technology from The University of Salford.

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Andrew DielmanSales Director - Americas

Andrew leverages a broad background in the industry, having worked within engineering, sales/marketing, and operations of audio manufacturing for more than 8 years, and for many industry leading brands. His experience ranges from pro audio applications to products designed for the CE market. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Wayne State University, whose faculty conduct cutting-edge research in diverse areas, ranging from computer engineering, communications, control and energy systems to nanotechnology, embedded systems, and infrared imaging.

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Matt MarcheseSales Director - Americas

Matt serves as sales director to the Americas, where he specializes in servicing Tymphany’s audio community and several major CE brands within the industry. He has nine years of automotive experience working in “in-vehicle” electronics product planning and sales (Ford/Visteon), and, in more recent years, he was the head of sales at THX for all video/audio certification and licensing. Matt holds a Business Marketing degree from the Michigan State University.

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Garland ErmisSales Director - Americas

Garland leverages 30+ years of experience including design and development, manufacturing, research, marketing, and sales. Prior to Tymphany, he was Chief Engineer at Eastern Asia Technologies, responsible for design, development and manufacturing of speakers; and engineering manager at Siemens-Photovoltaic division. He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Math from Texas State University.

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Calvin ChanDirector of Sales - Asia

Calvin is Tymphany’s Director of Sales for the Asia region. Prior to Tymphany, he spent 14 years at Eastern Asia Technology Hong Kong Ltd., with experience in engineering, project management, product development, product marketing, manufacturing, and sales. Calvin graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where he studied mechanical and automation engineering. CUHK is a comprehensive research university that’s committed to advanced academic research as well as humanistic culture.

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