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Tymphany ODM Sales

Tymphany is a full service audio solutions provider with one of the most experienced audio design teams in the world and a state of the art manufacturing facility. We design and manufacture both raw drivers and complete ODM speaker systems for many of the world’s premier audio brands. Whether you need to us to modify a standard driver or design a complete product line, our OEM/ODM team is available to help.

If you would like to leverage our world class design capability and portfolio of nearly 70 technology patents in your next product line, please contact a Tymphany sales professional using the form below. Tymphany’s sales professionals look forward to speaking with you about your application and any customization requirements you might have.

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Peerless Product Sales

Individuals or businesses interested in purchasing small quantities (< 250 pieces per month) of product are served by our reliable and global network of distributors. To identify and contact the distributor closest to you, please visit our distributors page.
Tymphany does not sell directly to the public. Peerless, Peerless Platinum and Tymphany LAT transducers are primarily sold through our world wide distribution network, who stock a wide selection of products through locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. In most cases, Tymphany distributors are able to deliver transducers within few working days and can handle any quantity (large quantities may increase lead time). Our distribution partners are carefully selected for their technical knowledge and are well equipped to serve the needs of Business customers, do-it-yourself audiophiles and hobbyists. So whether you’re ready to buy, or just have some questions about selecting the right Tymphany model for your application, our distributors look forward to hearing from you.

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