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Discontinued Peerless Products

Mid Range 821615 821575 HDS Nomex The High Definition Sound (HDS) NOMEX Series offers high-quality solutions for both multi-way speaker systems and vented box applications. Featuring “shorting rings” for low distortion and coils offering perfect linear compatibility with NOMEX cones, these audio transducers are characterized by their very open, very rich sound character. 830872 Midwoofer […]

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Discontinued Vifa Products

Tweeter TC26TF05-06 TC26SF05-06 TC20TD05-06 TC20SD05-06 MG27TG39-04 MG27TG29-04 MG27SG29-04 BC The BC product line is known for its quality tweeters and midwoofers. Designed in Denmark by our experienced team of audio engineers, Peerless BC products can meet the most demanding needs for both volume and audio excellence. The BC product line has ferrofluid in the magnet […]

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Discontinued Tymphany LAT Products

Subwoofer Tymphany LAT 250 The patented LAT 250 is designed to provide strong bass performance in a new vibration-free, cylindrical form factor. The driver may be configured for use in sealed, vented, bandpass or open-baffle enclosures, and provides high bass output from a very compact transducer. In typical applications, mechanical vibration is more than 90% […]

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