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Dongguan, China Manufacturing Center

Function: High-volume Systems, Manual and Automated Lines

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Taipei, Taiwan Research and Design Center

Functions: Headphone and Systems Engineering, CTO Group

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Shenzhen, China Research and Design Center

Functions: Systems and Software Engineering

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San Rafael, California Audio Systems Architecture

Functions: Audio Architecture Team, CTO Group, Sales and Marketing

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Bridgend, Wales R&D and Engineering Center

Function: Transducer R&D, Field Sales

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Ostrava, Czech Republic Engineering and Manufacturing Center

Function: Systems Engineering, High-mix Systems, Professional Transducers Manufacturing, R&D

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Huizhou, China Systems and Transducer Engineering Center

Function: Transducer and Systems Engineering, High-mix Systems and Transducers, Transducer Assembly

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Dongcheng, China Manufacturing Center

Function: Headphone Manufacturing

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