Peerless By Tymphany – Defining New Standards

Peerless By Tymphany – Defining New Standards

Founded in Denmark in 1926, Peerless has been delivering high-quality audio solutions ever since. We offer an extensive range of market specific drivers and systems, as well as full custom creation capabilities.  When designing new products, we always challenge ourselves to think outside the box – whether through acoustics, design, or material science – we aim to innovate.  This approach has led to many of our drivers becoming industry benchmarks.   Listed below are a few of our latest driver developments.  Contact us if you’d like to submit a sample request.

STW Subwoofers | NCP High-performance Woofers | GBS Low-Profile Woofers & Subwoofers | ANC Telecommunications Drivers | PMT Micro Full-Range Drivers

On the Leading Edge of Technical Innovation in



Material Science

STW Subwoofers

The STW series of subwoofers were designed with performance and space in mind. These drivers offer deep & clean low-frequency reproduction with minimal distortion at high sound pressure levels.

Now Available – The STW-350F-188PR01 is a 15″ subwoofer that features an FEA optimized ferrite motor with 90mm peak to peak excursion, and a 188mm voice coil, which provides extraordinarily low power compression.  These features, coupled with 60L equivalent volume and 60μm/N stiffness, allow the driver to be mounted in a much smaller box than a traditional 15″ subwoofer.  For more information, download the STW 15″ Technical Brochure.

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NCP High-performance Woofers

The NCP series is our line of premium professional woofers. No detail was overlooked to create a new industry standard: Cone-optimized through Klippel scanning vibrometer testing and Klippel power tested. Class-leading power handling is achieved with a new forced convection cooling system to reduce power compression and high-temperature components.

  • Available in 12″ & 15″ (6-18″ coming soon)
  • Die-cast Aluminum Frame
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Paper Cone
  • Neodymium Motor
  • Shorting Rings Available for Lowest Possible Distortion
  • Optional Heat Sinks

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GBS Low-Profile Woofers & Subwoofers

The GBS series of woofers feature an innovative shallow design, best suited for applications where mounting depth is scarce and low frequency performance cannot be sacrificed.  High Bl and moving mass, coupled with large peak to peak excursion, enable low frequency response, even in small enclosures.  This design allows for the same excursion in half the height of traditional design, while traditional materials ensure the driver is a cost-effective solution.

Multiple models available – from 3.5″ to 10″

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ANC Telecommunications Drivers

These compact full-range drivers are designed from the ground up for telecommunications and conferencing applications. They are optimized for low THD, off-axis response, and clarity throughout the voice band. This enables telecommunications systems with advanced noise/echo cancellation algorithms, 360° sound, and voice intelligibility.

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PMT Micro Full-Range Drivers

These full-range drivers are optimized for big sound from a small footprint, with a spiderless suspension system and large excursion.  They are designed for a variety of miniature applications, such as ultra compact music speakers, teleconference systems, pro line arrays, and devices requiring intelligible voice interfaces.

  • Available in 18mm – 40mm
  • Neodymium Motor
  • Aluminum Cone
  • Captured Ferrofluid Technology for Voice Coil Centering

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