Peerless Professional Drivers and Amplifier Modules

Peerless Professional Drivers and Amplifier Modules

Founded in Denmark in 1926, Peerless has been delivering high-quality audio solutions ever since, and we’ve used our decades of design and manufacturing expertise to create a line of premium professional drivers and amplifier modules that deliver truly superior sound. From our FEA-optimized motor design to our Kevlar-loaded, non-pressed paper cone, each component has been thoughtfully designed to withstand the rigors of professional applications.

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Designed for More…

Power Handling

Our professional transducers can handle a lot of power. We start by using a high-temperature capacity coil. We combine that with high-temperature glue and venting holes under the T-yoke – to increase the driver’s thermal capacity and overall power handling.


The cones of our transducers are made using a Kevlar loaded non-pressed paper cone. This provides the best stiffness-to-weight ratio and damping required to get extremely-high sensitivity and a smooth frequency response curve.

NCP High-Performance Woofers

The NCP series is our line of premium professional woofers. No detail was overlooked to create a new industry standard: Cone-optimized through Klippel scanning vibrometer testing and Klippel power tested. Class-leading power handling is achieved with a new forced convection cooling system to reduce power compression and high-temperature components.

  • Available in 12″ & 15″ (6-18″ coming soon)
  • Die-cast Aluminum Frame
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Paper Cone
  • Neodymium Motor
  • Shorting Rings Available for Lowest Possible Distortion
  • Optional Heat Sinks

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FSL Professional Woofers

The FSL series of woofers delivers on our vision to provide more value than the competition. These drivers are designed for more power handling, higher sensitivity, lower Fs, and smoother frequency response.

  • Available in 5″-18″
  • Steel Frame
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Paper Cone
  • FEA Optimized Ferrite Motor
  • High Temperature Voice Coil

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High Frequency Compression Drivers

Peerless compression drivers are designed for use in high-quality sound reinforcement systems. The polyimide surround allows for reliable operation in 2-way systems with lower crossover points, while the titanium diaphragm is coated with a light, thin layer of unique damping material, which gives the drivers an unusually smooth sound

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TC Professional Full Range

TC full range drivers come in many sizes, aspect ratios, and magnet types to address multiple performance levels and price points. This makes the TC series a good fit for a variety of applications, ranging from compact consumer systems to teleconference systems. The TC professional drivers are designed with a fabric surround, which enables higher sensitivity for professional speaker systems.

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H-Series Horn Tweeters

The H-series of tweeters include a ferrofluid-filled motor and a compact horn integrated with the faceplate. The drivers are designed with ultra-high sensitivity, and a large motor for robust power handling capacity.

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BC Professional Tweeters

BC tweeters feature damped fabric domes and ferrofluid-filled motors for improved cooling and power handling. The drivers designed with sensitivity for professional systems.

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Tymphany Amplifier Modules

Our professional amplifier modules are designed for more power, performance, and reliability. Our PFC + LLC power supply technology provides well-regulated amplifier rails with >80% efficiency from mains to the transducer. With intelligent design and unyielding component optimization, our engineers have created an amplifier module with best-in-class sonic performance that has been tested to the highest standards. They are dynamic, affordable, and designed for more.

Key Features

  • High-efficiency PFC + LLC power supply technology
  • PFC provides near unity power factor allowing more devices per mains feed
  • LLC provides high-efficiency, well-regulated amplifier rails
  • Discrete 200V 19 mOhm MOSFET class D amplifier
  • 2 channel designs may be bridged for a single high power channel or used single ended if 2 channels are required
  • Protected against common faults with integrated OVP, OCP, OTP

Ultimate Flexibility – Off-the-Shelf Meets Full-Service ODM

  • Leverage our DSP/input board expertise or use your internal development resources. Either way our team can augment yours.
  • Kitting Solutions – Amps, DSP boards, or transducers kitted for final assembly at your internal facilities

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