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DA25TX00-08 DA25TX00-08 DA25TX00-08


Platform: Peerless
Driver Type: Tweeter
Size: 25 mm
Motor: Ferrite
Frame: No Faceplate
Impedance: 8 Ω
Diaphragm: Al (Aluminium)

Frequency & Impedance Response


Technical Specifications

Driver Size 25 mm
DC Resistance 6.89 Ω ±5.0%
Resonant Frequency 633.75 Hz 15%
Half Space Sensitivity @ 2.83V 88.94 dB ±1.01
Sensitivity @ 1W/1m 88.7 dB ±1.01
Rated Noise Power (IEC 268-5 18.1) 100 W
Test Spectrum Bandwidth 2K-20KHz 12 dB/Oct
Effective Piston Area 6.6 cm2
Moving Mass 0.3 g
Motor Force Factor 3.16 T•m
Voice Coil Inner Diameter 25.4 mm
Gap Height 4 mm
Maximum Linear Excursion 0.7 mm
Ferrofluid Type N/A
Minimum Impedance   7.5 Ω ±7.5%
Voice Coil Inductance 0.01 mH
Mechanical Q Factor 1.98
Electrical Q Factor 0.85
Total Q Factor 0.6
Ratio 1063.34 fs/Qts
Energy Bandwidth Product ((1/Qes)•fs)
Suspension Compliance 203.7 μm/N
Effective Cone Diameter 2.9 cm
Motor Efficiency Factor 1.4 (T•m2)/Ω
Voice Coil Former Material AL
Driver Mass 1.1 Kg
Equivalent Volume 0.01 L

Product Info

This DA family tweeter features an 8 ohm 1 inch voice coil, with Corundum dome, large rear chamber for low resonant frequency, and a ferrite motor with heat sink. The large motor and rear chamber allow for robust power handling capacity. The protective grille can be removed for the highest possible performance, however the dome is very delicate so we recommend the grille is fitted in normal operation.

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