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Platform: Tymphany
Driver Type: Full Range
Size: 4 in
Motor: Turbo Neodymium
Frame: Plastic Basket
Impedance: 8 Ω
Diaphragm: Paper HC (Honeycomb)

Frequency & Impedance Response


Technical Specifications

Driver Size 4 in
DC Resistance 7.57 Ω ±5.0%
Resonant Frequency 86.75 Hz 15%
Half Space Sensitivity @ 2.83V 85.02 dB ±1.01
Sensitivity @ 1W/1m 85.4 dB ±1.01
Rated Noise Power (IEC 268-5 18.1) 20 W
Test Spectrum Bandwidth 20Hz-12KHz 12 dB/Oct
Effective Piston Area 67.9 cm2
Moving Mass 8.3 g
Motor Force Factor 5.9 T•m
Voice Coil Inner Diameter 32 mm
Gap Height 4 mm
Maximum Linear Excursion 0.7 mm
Ferrofluid Type
Minimum Impedance   8.81 Ω ±7.5%
Voice Coil Inductance 0.04 mH
Mechanical Q Factor 3.47
Electrical Q Factor 0.99
Total Q Factor 0.77
Ratio 112.8 fs/Qts
Energy Bandwidth Product ((1/Qes)•fs)
Suspension Compliance 404.3 μm/N
Effective Cone Diameter 9.3 cm
Motor Efficiency Factor 4.6 (T•m2)/Ω
Voice Coil Former Material ASV
Driver Mass 0.22 Kg
Equivalent Volume 2.62 L

Product Info

This 8ohm 4.5inch full range transducer is a member of the new BMR family. This driver features a powerful neodymium magnet , nestled within an innovative suspension system. The motor contains a copper cap to lower inductance and distortion. The flat cone is honeycomb paper material, with rubber surround, with plastic basket. Is designed to be a high performance full range driver. This family driver is used for shallow applications such as television soundbars and compact music system.

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