T-Series Compact Full Range Drivers

T-Series Compact Full Range Drivers

T-Series full-range drivers come in many sizes, aspect ratios, and magnet types to address multiple performance levels and price points. This makes the T-Series a good fit for a variety of applications, ranging from compact consumer systems to teleconference systems. These drivers feature our PentaCut NRSC cone technology. The pro variant of the TC drivers are designed with a fabric surround, which enables higher sensitivity for professional systems. T-series drivers were designed to give you the flexibility to find the right performance level and price point for your application. Each driver is fully optimized to get the most out of carefully chosen, cost-effective materials.

Key Features:

Size Range: 1.5″-4″
Diaphragm: TC – Coated Paper Cone
TA – Aluminum
TG – Glass Fiber
Motor: Ferrite, Neodymium

Pentacut NRSC cone technology

Our patented PentaCut technology is a five-sided cut around the cone that prevents severe cone breakup and distributes cone breakup modes. By adding cuts to the cone, we are able to spread out the distortion modes, which helps us gain more control of the smoothness of the frequency response, while also achieving reduced distortion.

Get to know the TC5

Ranging from ultra low-cost to ultra high-sensitivity, the TC5 is one of the most flexible compact full-range drivers on the market. Its finely balanced design includes at frequency response from 200Hz – 18kHz. Unique to the TC5 is a +/- 1dB SPL/ Sensitivity tolerance, making this an ideal driver for line array or column speakers.