Transducer Size (Millimeters)19
DC Resistance3.11
Resonant Frequency1579.55
Half Space Sensitivity90.18
Rated Noise Power80
Test Spectrum Bandwidth1.5kHz - 20kHz

Transducer Size (Millimeters)19
DC Resistance3.11 Ω±5.0%
Resonant Frequency1579.55 Hz15%
Half Space Sensitivity @ 2.83V90.18 dB±1.01
Sensitivity @ 1W/1m86.7 dB±1.01
Rated Noise Power (IEC 268-5 18.1)80 W
Test Spectrum Bandwidth1.5kHz - 20kHz 12 dB/Oc
Effective Piston Area4.5 cm2
Moving Mass0.2 g
Motor Force Factor1.13 T•m
Voice Coil Inner Diameter20.4 mm
Gap Height2 mm
Maximum Linear Excursion0.2 mm
Ferrofluid TypeAPG027N
Minimum Impedance3.56 Ω±7.5%
Voice Coil Inductance0.02 mH
Mechanical Q Factor4.8
Electrical Q Factor4.99
Total Q Factor2.45
Ratio645.77 fs/Qts
Energy Bandwidth Product ((1/Qes)•fs)316.44
Suspension Compliance49.4 μm/N
Effective Cone Diameter2.4 cm
Motor Efficiency Factor0.4 (T•m2)/Ω
Voice Coil Former MaterialASV
Transducer Mass0.1 Kg
Equivalent Volume0 L

The BC family of tweeters features a damped fabric dome for smooth frequency response performance and ferrofluid in the gap of the NdFeB motor, providing enhanced cooling of the voice coil. BC tweeters come with a compact faceplate with recessed mounting holes, complete with a sealing gasket which helps reduce vibration between baffle and driver.