Transducer Size (Millimeters)133.35
DC Resistance6.33
Resonant Frequency53.94
Half Space Sensitivity87
Rated Noise Power60
Test Spectrum Bandwidth50Hz - 5kHz

Transducer Size (Millimeters)133.35
DC Resistance6.33 Ω±5.0%
Resonant Frequency53.94 Hz15%
Half Space Sensitivity @ 2.83V87 dB±1.01
Sensitivity @ 1W/1m86.7 dB±1.01
Rated Noise Power (IEC 268-5 18.1)60 W
Test Spectrum Bandwidth50Hz - 5kHz 12 dB/Oc
Effective Piston Area85 cm2
Moving Mass10.3 g
Motor Force Factor7.42 T•m
Voice Coil Inner Diameter38.44 mm
Gap Height6 mm
Maximum Linear Excursion5 mm
Ferrofluid Type
Minimum Impedance7.41 Ω±7.5%
Voice Coil Inductance0.08 mH
Mechanical Q Factor8.19
Electrical Q Factor0.4
Total Q Factor0.38
Ratio140.46 fs/Qts
Energy Bandwidth Product ((1/Qes)•fs)
Suspension Compliance842.5 μm/N
Effective Cone Diameter10.4 cm
Motor Efficiency Factor8.7 (T•m2)/Ω
Voice Coil Former MaterialASV
Transducer Mass0.68 Kg
Equivalent Volume8.54 L

This 5.25 inch 8 ohm member of the NE family has leading-edge transducer technology packaged in a cutting edge, stylistic design. The woofers in this family feature an innovative cast aluminium basket design which minimizes acoustic reflections inside the driver, through large basket windows and sculpted basket spokes. The basket also is designed to act as a highly coupled heat sink to the Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet (NdFeB) motor, so as to improve power handling capacity. The cone and dust cap are constructed of natural wood fiber material with proprietary coating formulas and processes, so as to yield high clarity products. The cone designs also utilize pentacone technology for improved frequency response. The voice coil bobbin is titanium, for improved performance. The FEA-designed motor features copper caps to minimize inductance and extend performance to high frequencies. Rounding out the design is a 4-way terminal block connector, for ease of electrical connection.