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Other Primax Factories KunShan, Jiangsu
Chongqing, China

Total Mfg Area: 245,100 M2

Head Count: 1.300

Products: Trackpad, Mouse, Keyboards, and Modules

Facilities: Final assembly, Class 10,000 clean room, silk tampo, and laser printing

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Primax Factory Tymphany Factory ShiJie, Dongguan

Total Mfg Area: 245,100 M2

Head Count: 13,600

Capabilities:  MFP, Soundbars, BT speakers, Headphones, Camera modules, BT headsets, Accessory office equipment, Tablet pens, and Cable assemblies

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Headquarters & Manufacturing Xin Xu, China

Total Mfg Area: 70,000 M²

 Head Count: 2,800

Functions: Sr. Management, Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, and Sales

Products: Soundbars, BT speakers, WiFi speakers, 5.1 systems, Powered subwoofers, Passive systems, and Transducers

Facilities: Final assembly, Cabinet and finishing shop, Wave solder, Transducer assembly, Full and half space Anechoic chambers, Klippel system, and Validation lab

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Primax Headquarters Tymphany Design Center Taipei, Taiwan

Head Count: 35 (Tymphany only)

Functions: Engineering (project team for all disciplines)

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Research & Design Center Shenzhen, China

Head Count: 90

Functions: Electronics Engineering and Software Engineering

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Tymphany Japan Sales Office Tokyo, Japan

Head Count: 2

Function: Sales

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Tymphany Europe Sales/Support Europe

Head Count: 4

Functions: Field Applications Engineering and Sales

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Tymphany USA Sales/Support Sausalito, CA

Head Count: 10

Functions: Field Applications Engineering, Corporate Development, Marketing, and Sales

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