SDF Woofers & Subwoofers

SDF Woofers & Subwoofers

The Peerless SDF series is a line of high-performance woofers & subwoofers built for more bass in smaller-than-traditional enclosures. Each driver utilizes a 3″ voice coil and robust ferrite magnet system, enabling higher power handling, enhanced  low-end response, and more linearity.

Key Features:

Size Range – 10″-15″
Diaphragm – Paper
Motor – Ferrite

Now shipping is the SDF-250F75PR01-06, a 10” subwoofer featuring a newly tooled aluminum frame, built for extra rigidity and heat dissipation along with a vented paper cone for reduced air compression. The driver is built for high-performance, high-excursion consumer and Hi-Fi applications.

Optimum Vented Box

  • Box Volume: 60L
  • Vent Diameter: 10.2cm
  • Vent Length: 37.81

Optimum Sealed Box

  • Box Volume: 30.3L